If you want a lasting career in construction, CWOATA is a great place to start

Attitude is all

If you’re interested in a career in construction, we can help. To join us, you don’t need experience or qualifications – just a positive attitude and a genuine desire to learn and progress. How does our system work? Simple. All it takes is five days to do our Pre-Employment Assessment and Training (PEAT), and you’re on your way. Under most circumstances, our PEAT is free to candidates.

Pre-Employment Assessment

and Training

Our PEAT course is perfect for anyone looking for a way into the construction industry. It takes just five days, and will allow you to experience first-hand what it’s like on a construction site, as well as find out (if you’re not sure already) what trade you’d like to learn. After you successfully complete our PEAT, we’ll help you  find you a job that will allow you to get a qualification in the trade you’ve chosen.

Excellent benefits

There are lots of great advantages to completing our PEAT. For a start, you’ll be earning more than the minimum wage from Day One. You’ll also benefit from statutory sick pay, holiday pay and automatic union membership. You’ll also benefit from being mentored and advised at every stage throughout the qualification process, which could lead to an NVQ or an apprenticeship.

The benefits of joining CWOATA include:
  • We'll help you get a job

  • You’ll earn a daily rate higher than the minimum wage

  • You’ll be on a course to a recognised qualification

  • You will have regular (usually 6-monthly) pay reviews

  • You’ll receive holiday pay and be entitled to SSP (Statutory Sick Pay)

  • You get a PAYE contract

  • You’ll have automatic union membership

  • You’ll be fully supported by experienced CWOATA personnel who will be available every day, should you need help of any kind on site.    

When you have a CWOATA card, you'll get a flying start in construction, and enjoy a huge range of benefits.


It’s easy. Simply call us, and we’ll chat to you about what you want to achieve and how our 5-day Pre-Employment Assessment and Training works. If, after that, you’d like to join us, we’ll arrange for you to complete the PEAT course (which is free to candidates, in most circumstances).

Remember – you don’t need formal qualifications, or experience of the construction industry to join us (though if you have either or both of these, you’re very welcome). However, you WILL need to be reliable, have a positive attitude and be committed to making a career in the construction sector.  You must also be eligible to work in the UK. Please also note that we have a zero-tolerance policy concerning alcohol and drugs on-site, and individuals may be randomly spot tested.