Whether you're a large organisation or an SME, we can provide you with high-quality trainees for any role.


The quality you need

Today, the demand for enthusiastic, high-quality trainees is higher than ever in the construction industry. We’re committed to helping you find the people you need, when you need them – every one of our candidates has shown themselves to be reliable, motivated and  eager to learn.

Not a recruitment agency

We’re about recruitment. But we’re not a recruitment agency. We’re a quality assessment company. Every one of the candidates we supply carries the CWOATA quality stamp, gained from passing our rigorous, but enjoyable and involving, five -day on-site Pre-Employment Assessment. It’s five days which not only gives each individual the chance to experience the on-site environment, but allows us to assess them fully for basic employability skills.

Caring about our candidates

One of the reasons you can be sure that you’ll get quality trainees from CWOATA is that we assess each and every one of them carefully. But it’s also because we motivate them properly. Our highly ethical approach to training is to guarantee each individual highly competitive wages, a guaranteed progression path to qualification and full support from mentoring professionals. That way everyone’s a winner – the trainee and you.

Our mission is to maximise the quality of the trainees we provide, and to help them maximise their career goals. 

Sourcing trainees from CWOATA

Sourcing trainees from CWOATA is straightforward. First, however, your company needs to join our list of hosting partners. After this, our register of candidates is available to you. All of our trainees understand that they may start in a labouring role, but most will expect to transition, within a maximum of six months, to a course leading to a recognised qualification in a trade. These courses can be apprenticeship or OSAT-based – CWOATA can help with both.

You’re very welcome to visit our PEAT site at Harlow, and talk to candidates – indeed, we urge you to do so! Simply call us to arrange a visit.

...of the 15 key trades and occupations we monitor, 40% show skills shortages at their highest point since 2013, when the UK started to feel the effects of the skills crisis.

Federation of Master Builders, 2017