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A fantastic opportunity

Congratulations on winning a FREE place on one of our sponsored courses! This means you’ll do our 5-day PEAT (normally £99.99) at NO COST TO YOU! At the end of the 5 days you’ll have

  • Completed the H&S test (required for CSCS Card)

  • Completed the Manual Handling test

  • Completed the Asbestos Awareness test 

  • Completed a Face Fit tes

  • Have a CWOATA Employability Certificate

All for FREE!

And that’s not all! Because you’re site ready, and have our Employability Certificate, we’re confident that employers will want you. So our specialist recruitment arm (Actaris) will find you job opportunities with local companies. Actaris has a reputation for working only with the highest quality candidates, so you’re in highly capable hands.

We want you to attend!

Of course we do - that’s why we’ve offered you place. But if you don’t turn up, it means a valuable opportunity has been wasted – you’ve denied someone else a place on this highly-sought after course. That’s why we ask you to confirm that you will be attending and that you have read our Terms & Conditions of attendance, by completing a simple form.


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