Doing one of our courses is the first step in getting a great job

No experience required

For people new to construction, there simply isn’t anywhere better to start than CWOATA. You do a 5-day course at our centre in Harlow and then we'll place you with one of the local companies in our network. It’s as simple as that. Why are we so sure? Because, during the 5 days (the course is free, by the way), you get the opportunity to show us how keen, reliable and motivated you are – all things that employers place great value on. Once we know you can handle being on-site, we’re happy to recommend you to employers, through our respected recruitment arm (Actaris).


An incredible opportunity

Of course, anyone who wants to go on site needs a CSCS Card.  Lots of jobs also require you to pass a manual handling test, and Asbestos Awareness test and a Face Fit test (to make sure your safety equipment fits). All these cost money. And we charge for them, too - but a lot less than if you get them elsewhere. PLUS, you get the 5-day course, which prepares you for being on-site for FREE. Then, we look for a job for you, with a company local to you. In other words, our course is simply incredible value, that you won’t find elsewhere.

Next step - getting a great job

Because you’re site ready, and have our Employability Certificate, we’re confident that employers will want you. So our specialist recruitment arm (Actaris) will find you job opportunities with local companies. Actaris has a reputation for working only with the highest quality candidates, so you’re in highly capable hands.

When you’ve completed the PEAT course, you will have:

  • Completed the H&S test (required for CSCS Card)

  • Completed the Manual Handling test

  • Completed the Asbestos Awareness test 

  • Had a face-fit test

  • Have a CWOATA Employability Certificate

  • Have been given the opportunity to take a Working at Heights test