Want to know what life is like on-site? Our PEAT is the perfect way to find out. It's fun as well as informative.

Open to all

CWOATA’s Pre-Employment Assessment and Training (PEAT) course is open to anyone, of any age, who wants  to learn a trade and develop a career within the construction sector. The course isn’t intended to teach you a trade. That comes later. Instead, it offers a great opportunity to find out what it’s like to work on-site, and to experience some key trades first hand. If you’re not sure which trade you want to learn, here’s where you can find out – we also have experienced experts on-hand who can advise you.

All you need is the right attitude

The course is also useful for us. That’s because, during the five days, you will be assessed on things such as your attitude to work, reliability, punctuality and your ability to work in a team. We’ll also be looking to see how well you listen and carry out instructions. If, after the five days, you’ve met our standards (most people do, but not all!), you’ll have earned your CWOATA card, and we’ll help you find a job where you can learn the trade of your choice.

Designed to be fun

The CWOATA PEAT is designed to be useful to you – and us. But don’t run away with the idea that it’s dull and desk-based. On the contrary, it’s designed to be engaging and enjoyable, as well as useful. True, there’s a little desk-based work, such as watching Health & Safety videos, but most of the time you’ll be involved with real, hands-on exercises that are typical of the things you’ll need to do on-site. We’ve made it as ‘real-life’ as we possibly can.

Why do the CWOATA PEAT?

There are lots of reasons. During your five days on our PEAT, you’ll learn exactly what it’s like to be on-site. Everything we ask you to do, from turning up on time, to working with others and getting jobs done efficiently, is designed by experienced experts to help you be a success in an actual job, and to ensure you progress quickly to a qualification.


But it’s not like being at school or college. There’s very little desk or classroom-type work. Almost everything you do will be active, hands-on exercises just like the ‘real thing’. You’ll be introduced to a wide range of activities, from specific, highly-skilled trades such as roofing, scaffolding and brickwork, to the more general basics of site work, such as waste management and groundworks. And running through everything you do will be an emphasis on attitude, teamwork

and communications.




Our PEAT is designed to be involving, educational and fun. But it is also demanding. Before you start, you’ll need to be the kind of person who wants to succeed. If you are, then this is the perfect place to start!


What happens after you've done our PEAT course?

Simple. Working with our specialist partner, ACTARIS Site Services, we'll help you get a job with a local company giving you a kick-start to a great career in construction.