GBN Services supports CWOATA

Many thanks to GBN who have donated a skip to CWOATA, to help us build our range of activities, designed to give candidates an accurate experience of life on site. Our PEAT (Pre-Employment Assessment and Training) course already features several typical activities, such as manual excavation (OK, so digging, but it’s important), laying out, rope & wheel activity, roofing and scaffolding basics and hazardous waste recognition. Skip filling/emptying is another valuable exercise to add to the range. Every activity in the PEAT course is geared to helping newcomers to construction understand what it’s like on site, and helping them get their CSCS card (if they don’t have one already).

CWOATA highly values the support of companies such as GBN, which is the leading skip hire, recycling and waste company for construction, commercial and household customers across London and the South East. We’ve had similar support from many such companies, large and small, across the South East, all of whom have welcomed the CWOATA initiative. “CWOATA is, as far as we’re aware, the only company that is actively providing pre-employment assessment in this highly practical way,” said Karen Smith of GBN, “and we’re delighted to provide whatever support we can.”

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