LVRPA joins forces with CWOATA

CWOATA and the Lee Valley Regional Park Authority (LVRPA) have entered into an agreement whereby all CWOATIANS will be offered a job by LVRPA immediately after successfully completing our PEAT course. The work will consist of light maintenance activities, such as (but not limited to) making good roads and paths, repairing/painting of fencing, raking out and repointing masonry where needed, and other light maintenance activities. Although the work is unskilled labour, it provides valuable work experience for CWOATA ‘graduates’ on a paid basis, and will provide an excellent opportunity for them to move on to other positions or progress their level of trade qualifications.

Stretching across 26 miles through Hertfordshire, Essex and London, and with over 10,000 acres, LVRP has huge maintenance requirements, which has to be of a high standard. It is for this reason that LVRP is delighted to work with CWOATA. “We are very impressed at how CWOATA takes great care to encourage a positive attitude from its trainees, “ said Alex Farris at LVRPA, “and the quality of the work they do is excellent. It’s a win-win situation all round – the trainees get valuable work experience, while we get a high-quality addition to our maintenance workforce.”

“We’re extremely pleased to have this arrangement with LVRPA,” said Ricky Harrison, CEO of CWOATA, “as we have many candidates from London who welcome the kind of experience on offer, and who will benefit from it immensely.”

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