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Thank you CWOATA!

My son Liam has ADHD, mild autism and high anxiety issues. Despite this, however, he attended college to do the general construction course. Unfortunately, he soon felt unable to continue, due to peer pressures and lack of understanding by the tutors.

Over a year later, Liam was on the road to nowhere, getting in trouble, making connections with people that were not in his best interest. After lots of conversations with him, Liam eventually said he wanted a job where he could work, at least partly, outside. So we found him a job in a warehouse. However, this made him miserable and only lasted a week.

Then we heard about CWOATA, and we arranged for Liam to do their course. But on the day he was due to start, he couldn’t face attending, so I reluctantly called Ricky (Harrison) and explained the issue. Ricky understood and said no problem, call any time he’s ready. Two weeks later, Liam felt ready and he attended.

It was great! Liam learned more in a week than in a year at college. It is true that he was a little anxious at first, but the supportive CWOATA team were used to dealing with this kind of thing – they understood his anxieties and Liam soon felt at ease. I have to admit that, when my phone rang on the first day, and I saw that it was CWOATA, my heart sank. I feared the worst. But I didn’t need to, as it was Ricky calling to say my son was doing well and had settled down to getting the job done. From there on, we didn’t look back. Liam returned after the first day, told me what he had achieved and promptly fell asleep on the sofa! He went every morning from then on, without any anxiety issues or questions asked.

At the end of the CWOATA course, Liam passed his CSCS test first time – so what more can I say!

The knowledge and experience of the team working with my son was excellent They put Liam at his ease in a way which the college and other organisations simply couldn’t, and the results are fantastic.

I would recommend CWOATA as a first step into employability.Thank you, Ricky and the CWOATA team, you have given me and Liam hope for the future.

Jacqui R

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