CWOATA goes back to school

CWOATA was recently asked if it could arrange the rebuilding of a school’s garden. We were delighted to help – we saw it as a great opportunity to give a team of our trainees some on-site experience, while helping the community. So, with the help of one of our construction partners (W.R Harrison), we got to work, and together finished the project in just a week.

The following appeared on the schools’ website. We have re-printed the text below…

This fantastic garden has just been created by CWOATA (Construction Workforce Operative And Trainee Assessment) for St. Margaret’s C of E Primary School. Originally designed by the school council, after winning a grant from Tesco and Greggs, the work was carried out during the Easter break, and the children have already got the gardening club up and running. They are sowing seeds and groing plants and learning about what they can actually eat from what theyhave grown.

It is also a fantastic outside learning space to help children understand and learn more about natural habitats/environments.

Although the grants from Tesco and Greggs (thank you!) were extremely generous, CWOATA and its construction partners helped us get much more for the money than we would have done with an ‘ordinary’ commercial commission. So we’d like to say a BIG THANK YOU to CWOATA and its trainees, as well as its building partners, for all the hard work and skill they put into it.

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