What do candidates think of CWOATA? Here are some actual comments from actual candidate trainees.


Darnell Lutas

After completing the CWOATA course, I got a job as a labourer for a dry lining company. While I was gaining experience on site, a ductwork and ventilation company saw that I was reliable and truned up every day, and offered me as a job as a fitter's mate. I'm loving it!"

Mo Akhtar

I think that the honesty at the first screening interview was very useful as it means you know what to expect and it results in a friendly and supportive group who all work together. The workload during the week can be hard, but that’s useful as it’s what it’s like on a real site.

Ronnie Oldfield

The week at CWOATA was fun and educational. I really enjoyed it, and it was a great opportunity [to learn the basics] of being on a construction site. I’m really happy with the outcome.

Billy Jarvis

After struggling and trying to get into construction for a while, CWOATA gave me the chance I needed to get into the industry. A big thank you to Ricky and his team for setting me in the right direction.

Teddy Reynolds

I found the week at CWOATA really helpful, as before I came I hadn’t got a job. Now I have one! I must admit that there were times when I was wondering ….’why am I emptying a skip…and then filling it up again?’ but now I know that it’s great preparation for getting a real job and earning good money. Thank you for this opportunity!

Reece Knapp

At CWOATA, they make you feel welcome from the start. For me, this was brilliant, as I had no experience of roofing, which is what I want to do. By halfway through the week, CWOATA had found me a job with a local roofing company, so long as I completed the week OK. I did that, and now I’m really happy and earning a very decent wage.

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David Furness

This course is very helpful for people who haven’t decided what trade is right for them. It’s not for people who don’t like, or can’t handle, manual work, or who are lazy, but it’s a very good exercise for those aren’t sure what course they’d like to pursue. The course tutors are vey nice and supportive.

Beau Reynolds

On the day I was meant to start, I forgot my work boots, so was sent home, which shows that the Health and Safety side of things is great. Fortunately, I was allowed to attend on the following week. I’m really pleased, because I learned a lot and now I’ve got a great job at Tottenham’s training ground earning £50/day. Thanks CWOATA!

Kayne Howe

During the week at CWOATA I learned loads of new stuff and made some new mates. But it was a difficult course as you have to graft all the time. I’m really pleased I’ve done it, though, as it will help me in the future. All in all, it was very useful and a great laugh, despite being hard work.

Josh Story

I loved doing the CWOATA course, even though it was a bit of a grind at times. It teaches you what it’s like to be in a real job! When I was offered a place with as a trainee with Tufcoat, I could hardly believe it! It’s a position I would never have got without CWOATA!

Ashley Sell

When I started the CWOATA course, I didn’t have a CSCS card. But everything you do in the week is aimed at helping you pass the test, and it works really well. It’s hard work, but they make it fun too. As a result, I was selected with Josh to be a trainee at Tufcoat. It’s great! Love it!

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